Natrona County Meals On Wheels relies solely on caring community volunteers to deliver the meals. We are always looking for volunteer drivers to help deliver meals to our clients. Each volunteer uses their own vehicle to deliver between eight to ten meals in a day. All new volunteer drivers are given a detailed handbook about how to handle most situations. New volunteers are also sent out with an experienced volunteer prior to going alone. If a potential new volunteer driver cannot commit to a routine schedule, we are always looking for substitute drivers to fill in while the permanent drivers are away.

A large part of the meal delivery is to provide a few brief moments of social interaction with the client, as this may be their only opportunity to visit with someone during the day. MOW relies on our volunteers to provide well-being checks and report any concerns or suspicions they might have.

Volunteers are encouraged to contact our office with any questions or concerns while on their route. If there is an emergency, call 911 or the MOW office at 307-265-8659, but never attempt to move someone who has fallen or is injured.

One Week of Meals for $40
One Month of Meals for $160
Three Months of Meals for $480
Six Months of Meals for $960
One Year of Meals for $1,920