Our goal is to ensure that no senior or homebound citizen of our community is hungry or isolated. We believe that by providing a nutritious meal and a friendly visit to these citizens, the Natrona County Meals on Wheels Organization works to meet this goal, while allowing citizens to maintain their independence and health in the comfort of their own homes. The Meals on Wheels Foundation works to assist the Organization in meeting this community need by providing monetary support to the Organization while also working to ensure that the Foundation continues in perpetuity.


Why is Meals on Wheels so important to our community?

A Meals on Wheels delivery provides a nutritious meal to seniors and homebound citizens of Natrona County. Deliveries are done by caring, generous volunteers who check on the well-being of the recipients, personally interact with the recipients, and allow the recipients and their families to have peace of mind, knowing that they will have a warm meal and a friendly visit. Without this service, many of the recipients would have to move out of their homes and into assisted living facilities.

What is the Meals on Wheels Foundation?

The Meals on Wheels Foundation was established in 1986 to support the work of Meals on Wheels. The Foundation exists to provide monetary support to Natrona County Meals on Wheels, which is done both monthly and for special projects or specific needs. The Board of Directors, Development Director, and supporters of the Meals on Wheels Foundation believe in the work of Meals on Wheels and because of this belief, devote their time, talent, and energy to the Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is to keep the warm meals and friendly visits going long into the future!

Here's what some of the Meals on Wheels Foundation Board of Directors say about why devote their time, passion, and energy to the Foundation:

Emily King, Board Member - On our route we have a veteran who has lost much of his sight. His daughter regularly comes to see him and helps him keep his home immaculate. However, he is so lonely. He can't go out because of his sun sensitivity, and most of his friends have passed. He loved playing pool at the senior center but can no longer see the balls. When I come to drop off his meal I know I make a BIG difference in his day and that of his family. He is grateful, interesting, and such a gentleman. He lets me know that this meal and the contact is important to him. I leave feeling like this is why MOW exists and why we must keep it going- for people like him that really need our help.

Susan Russell, Secretary/Treasurer - I see the good we do, and I know that money is not wasted. We are taking care of the people who took care of us in our formative years.

Sheryl Iszler, President - There are many vulnerable populations that have access to various resources and assistance. Our elderly population is often "invisible" and unable to access these resources because of physical issues, transportation issues and a lack of familial support. I support the Meals on Wheels Foundation because I truly believe that how we treat our elders is a true reflection of our values as a society.


Katrina Lorenzen
Development Director


Dawn Force - President
tbd - Vice-President
Susan Russell - Secretary-Treasurer
Nancy Keeran - Past President
Charlene Canada
Pete Greiner
Carol Tarantola
Bret Ladenburger
Pam Meihak
Tom Mosley
Sandy Sienkiewcz
Carol Nelson
Dick Williams
Katrina Beckman